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iOS App Portfolio

Welcome to my iOS app portfolio! Here, you will find a showcase of the iOS applications I have developed. Each app represents my dedication to creating high-quality, user-friendly experiences for Apple devices. From sleek and intuitive interfaces to seamless functionality, these apps demonstrate my expertise in iOS app development.


Tracker: Find my car

First version: July 2023

Tracker: Find my car is an iOS app that allows you to save the location of your car (or any other reference point such as your bike, house, hotel) and easily navigate back to it. The app displays your current distance to the point where you parked your car and the trail on a map. his app has been built exclusively for the iPhone.


Technical info: This project uses UIKit, CoreLocation, MapKit, UserDefaults, Settings bundle, as well as localization and NSLocalizedString deployment.

Password Defender App Icon.png

Password Defender

First version: August 2023

Password Defender is an iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and Silicon Macs that allows you to keep  login information such as username and password in a simple and secure location. Access to the app is protected by a 6 digit pincode, or Face ID.

Technical info: This project uses UIKit, LocalAuthentication, UserDefaults, Core Data, CryptoKit, Transformable attributes, as well as localization and NSLocalizedString deployment.

Passwords are encoded and securely stored in Core Data with the help of SymmetricKey which itself is stored in the Keychain.

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